All of us at Avatar send our heartfelt thoughts to those who have been impacted by Hurricane Irma. We sincerely hope that you, your loved ones, are safe and secure. We know the needs of your family and neighbors are your top concern right now, and we want you to know that Avatar's claims team is here and ready to respond to help our policyholders recover from Hurricane Irma's impact. As you return home, we urge you take the necessary precautions for your family and pets as power lines may be down and tangled with tree debris and touching water in some cases.

Due to the impact of Irma, we are experiencing increased and large call volumes. As such, you may experience longer than normal wait times average 3 minutes.

We encourage you have your current policy number on hand. Please help us speed the process by taking pictures of the damages your property sustained. If you need to remove any trees from your property, please proceed to do so and keep all receipts.

To File a Claim:

Avatar Property & Casualty Insurance Policyholders and Elements Property Insurance Policyholders, call our claims reporting center at 877-233-3237 Option 1

Scam Alert: Homeowners' must be careful of unscrupulous building contractors, roofers and other people who may be going door to door, following a natural disaster, soliciting business. Please avoid signing any documents from those vendors. If you sign an Assignment of Benefits Agreement, the claims payment will go to the contractor!

Insurance Fraud: Florida Makes it a crime to defraud, deceive or mislead an insurer. A person commits insurance fraud by submitting a claim based on a false, exaggerated, or misleading information to an insurer when filing a claim. If any policyholder receives any benefit from a false insurance claim, he or she can be prosecuted under Florida's insurance fraud laws.




Our 24/7 Claims Department is Standing by to take your call.

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